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Introducing New Ring Sizers!

Are you unsure of your ring size? Now you can accurately get your ring sized from the safety and comfort of your own home!

Choose up to 3 ring sizes that you think your finger range is in to find the exact size. These disposable rings are 8mm wide with a comfort fit. This makes for a very accurate reading when ordering an 8mm wide band, which most of my rings are. After you place an order, a coupon code will be sent to you for $10 off your next purchase, making this an accurate and FREE way to measure your ring size! If you guessed wrong on the first order, you can order as many more times as you need to and you will receive a new coupon for increments of $10 per order so there is no need to worry about choosing incorrectly the first time around!

Rings come in US Measurements of whole and half sizes only. If you are from another country with different ring size measurement please contact me and I will assist you in converting to US Measurements.

Order your free ring sizers here!

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