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Elemental Designs

Dog Tag Cremation Necklace

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❤️ Keep your loved one near you always with this very special dog tag. Your loved ones' ashes will be carefully sealed within a jewelry-grade Titanium dog tag of your choosing. The option to add colorful opals to your special piece is also available.

Specifications: 25mm / .98 inches wide , 41.8mm / 1.64 inches long , 4 mm / .157 inches  thick 

📝 After you place your order I will send you a message with the address and instructions for sending your loved ones ashes. I will mail back any remaining unused ashes.

❇️ Jewelry Care:
This necklace is very durable and water resistant. Keep away from harsh chemicals, abrasive objects, or solvent-based materials (nail polish remover, acetone, lacquer thinner, etc). Do not submerge in water such as swimming pools, lakes, or bathing.

❇️ Returns:
Due to the personal custom nature of this item, I do not accept returns.

❇️ Shipping outside of the United States:
Unfortunately, worldwide shipping is no longer an option. Elemental Designs will only be shipping to USA and Canada. Many factors brought us to this decision, due to the growing complexity of rules and regulations per country, unexpected fees and packages being held hostage in customs or lost altogether. It just isn't worth the risk.

Shipping & Returns

❇️  All Rings ship free via USPS. Upgraded shipping options are available at checkout.

❇️  Returns:
If the ring does not fit, a new ring will need to be made as these rings are not adjustable. The ring would need to be returned to me and a 25% restocking fee would be required to cover costs of the materials and time spent on the new ring to be made.

❇️  Shipping outside of the United States:
Please be aware your country may charge additional customs duty and/or import taxes. The recipient of the merchandise will be required to pay these upon delivery.

Care Instructions

Things to avoid:

1. Do not store in direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time. Long periods of extreme heat may affect the finish and inlay of elements. ex: high heat from a dryer, jacuzzi or prolonged periods in a hot car.

​2. Avoid sharp or abrasive objects. I recommend removing rings before doing any cleaning, house or garden work that involves sand, stones, metal sponges or brushes.

​3. I recommend removing your ring before applying perfumes, lotions, shampoos, soaps, nail polish to preserve the finish of the ring. Plated gold rings will remain plated longer without these additional chemicals.

​5. Harsh Chemicals such as cigarette smoke, certain cleaning agents and alcohol-based products such as acetone and nail polish remover can harm the finish of your ring. Very strongly recommend removing your rings before coming into contact with these chemicals.

​6. Avoid swimming in pools, oceans, lakes, or any body of water while wearing your ring.


If you need to clean the ring or give it a light polish, a damp microfiber or chamois cloth will do the trick. You can also clean it with water and a mild soap such as dish soap. A little goes a long way with soap so please limit its use and make sure the ring is thoroughly rinsed and dried before wearing again. Do not clean Tungsten rings in an ultrasonic cleaner as it can damage the metal.


When you want to store your jewelry, it is best it is kept in an airtight container. Store the container in a cool, dark and dry area.

Complimentary Engraving Included

Make it personal! Complimentary engraving included for every ring. Additional fonts and symbols available upon request.